How To Handle Writers Bloc

Go the Old Route:

When you are going through a writer’s block, you may decide to put off your computer and switch to the old writing style of pen and paper.

Writing with pen and paper gives a different feel and inspiration to using a computer.

So you may decide to go the old way of writing with a pen and a paper, thereafter you type, edit and revise it.


Get Inspired:

Many a times, you may not know what to write or you may just lack the motivation to write. There are certain ways to overcome this type of writer’s block.

  • You can decide to see some movies on your laptop or listen to music or do something that is very creative.

Doing something creative can activate your creative writing skill quickly.

  • You may also decide to take a nap. This can help clear your head and prepare you for writing.
  • You can also go for a walk to clear your head. With a clear head you can think creatively.


Develop a writing routine:

You may decide to develop a writing routine also known as ritual.

This routine when done can help you activate your writing skill anytime you wish to write and switch off every other things than can serve as distraction.

You can make your routine to be interesting and engaging at all times but it shouldn’t be too tasking. If it becomes too tasking, you might find it difficult to do it faithfully.


In conclusion,

Whenever you are going through the feel of a writer’s block, don’t get discouraged or worried.

It’s only a phase. And you can always push yourself through it and get that writing done without stress.


This write-up will talk about famous online gambling strategies. These strategies are known as the paroli and 1-3-2-6 system. Though similar to other betting systems, they provide players with different strategies to play their games on online casinos. The two systems are not flawless. is the best football prediction site


The paroli betting system uses an opposite of the Martingale strategy. The paroli system allows the players to double the amount of their bet if they win the turn.

If they lose, they return to the base bet if one unit. This strategy is different from the martingale strategy that requires players to double the amount placed on a bet when they lose. The goal is to enable the gambler to recover precious loses.

In the paroli system, it is important you set a base stake in case you lose.  It is advised that gamblers should stop increasing their base bets after 3-4 consecutive winnings.

It is believed that it is not common for someone to continue winning without experiencing a loss. A losing turn may result in you losing all your winnings.

The succession of the paroli system relies on hitting winning streaks. It is not easy to predict the streaks because one can have a winning streak of 2-4 times and hit a loss at the fifth turn.

Others may hit a winning streak for more than six times. The paroli system may not guarantee winnings in the long run but it is possible for short-term wins.

This system is popular at Games such as baccarat, roulette, and craps.


THE 1-3-2-6 SYSTEM

This system is very easy to understand. It is similar to the paroli system in the sense that it requires the participant to increase their stake after a win. The name of the system explains how it works.


You start by placing the initial bet with on chip. If you win, you increase it to three chips. If you win the second bet, you will have six chips. Reduce your next bet to just two chips. If you win again, place another bet with six chips.

This can be further explained using a dollar value. For example, if you place a bet with 20$, when you win, increase your stake to 60$. If you win the bet, stake only 40$ in the next bet. If you win, you can stake 120$ on the final bet.


If you are lucky to win the final bet, it means you gave completed the sequence.  This means if you want to continue playing, you must start afresh with one betting unit.


One advantage of the 1-3-2-6 is that it increases the chances of winning. It also has an advantage of reducing the risk of losing. Players who complete the 1-3-2-6 cycle will collect a total of fourteen chips. A maximum of two chips is what’s at risk when a player loses.

This means that the starting give the player the chance to win 14 units while risking a maximum of two units. It should be stated that when a player loses, the cycle is restarted with one chip.


It is a betting system that’s common in games like roulette, craps, and blackjack.



The paroli and the 1-3-2-6 systems are common betting strategies popular among players who use online casinos. There is no guarantee that players will win every bet. But they will have strategies that will increase their chances of winning.



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Cranberry Essential Oil For Your Skin

cranberry-essential-oilCold pressed cranberry essential oil is a valuable thing to add to your beauty regimen. It is a wonderful natural moisturizer and can help certain skin conditions. Like all essential oils it is very soothing and to simply massage some cranberry essential oil onto your skin will help soothe you when you are feeling stressed out.

The benefits of using cranberry essential oil can be traced to the goodness that can be found in cranberry fruits. The action of massaging is in itself very relaxing. Even better is someone else is doing the massaging.

Nature’s Best Moisturizer

Cranberry essential oil could be your answer to smooth and healthy skin. Moisturizing is a very important part of anyone’s beauty regimen. Cranberry essential oil when blended with carrier oil or added to an odorless moisturizer is an excellent moisturizer. It is considered a very effective moisturizing agent for aging skin and can help restore suppleness to your skin.

One of the reasons that cranberry essential oil is considered an excellent moisturizer is that cranberry fruit have a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to help keep you look younger and keep your skin looking healthy. Using cold pressed cranberry seed oil on rough and dry skin produces excellent results.

Besides antioxidants this essential oil contains Omega 6 (linoleic), Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic), and Omega 9(oleic) fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are said to be very beneficial to the skin and besides keeping the skin hydrated can help to reduce pimples.

The lipid barrier of your skin that helps to protect your skin cells can benefit from extra protection with cranberry essential oil. Using this essential oil in your beauty regime can also help with moisture retention, very important when preserving your skin’s health.

Soothing Skin Balm

If you have psoriasis or eczema then using cranberry essential oil could bring relief to your skin condition. In these cases it would be best to use carrier oil rather than to add the essential oil to a moisturizing cream. However it is best that you check with your doctor or dermatologist before using this to treat yourself. Check what carrier oils are best and which creams you may use on

You may want to try out essential oils if over the counter topical creams have not worked for you. Many people have found that alternative remedies like essential oils are very effective when they have exhausted conventional medical remedies.

How To Sell Your Kids Old Stuff

kids-222x300I will start this out by being completely blunt; it is really hard to sell your old kids stuff. Most of the stuff I had accumulated had come from well-wishers who had basically given all their boys stuff to us anyway. I started selling a few months back. I think I determined a pretty good way to get rid of the most stuff, although not full proof. Here is where to start to make the most off those kid’s clothes you don’t need anymore.

First: Once Upon a Child- I packed up two boxes of clothes and sent my husband up the street to the nearest Once Upon a Child expecting him to come back with $100 and that’s it. He returned with two boxes of clothes and $19. They were brutal. They didn’t take Ralph Lauren shirts, they refused overall’s unless they have a matching shirt and also don’t do “seasonal items”; i.e. the in perfect shape flannel Santa PJ’s, like That being said, this store gave us the most for our items, hands down.

**I would also point out it probably depends on who ends up going through your stuff at the store, different employees may end up being a little more lenient. You can always go back at a different time and try again.**

Second: ThredUp- This was a huge disappointment as well. They are very discerning. ThredUp will send you a bag (for free) to fill with your kids and women’s items. They only take certain brands, you have to check their website for what they will take. They do not take Carter’s or The Children’s Place which is at least half of all children’s stuff anyway; also they don’t take sizes under 12 months. If you want what they don’t accept back, you have to pay $12.99, which may be about what you are getting anyway, so I would say don’t bother with paying that extra fee. I sent a huge bag of only big brand name kids’ items (Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, Tea Collection), as well as two brand new, tag-on cocktail dresses (one was $158!) and got back $23 for the whole thing. Don’t be expecting millions here.

Third: Ebay- this can be tough. You are never going to be able to sell one pair of kid’s pants or one shirt, maybe a nice outfit. I had some success selling things as a bundle- i.e. a three pack of 18-month pants and 3 pairs of toddler pajamas. You can’t ask for a lot and people aren’t going to be inclined to buy something that costs as much as the shipping. Offering free shipping can help things sell a little better/faster., although shipping may be more than what someone is willing to buy it for!

Fourth: Craigslist- When all else fails try craigslist.   Gather up all those items that you weren’t able to get rid of at the other places, catalog what you have- i.e. 3 pairs of 2T pants, 3 pairs of 2T pajamas and put it all in a box. Sell the box for a set price on craigslist. So maybe $10 for whatever you have, as-is.

When all is said and done you may have some extra money to spend on a nice dinner or two out. Definitely takes a little effort though!

Here are a few other ideas of ways to sell as well, that I have yet to try.

The Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

1) Leonardo DiCaprio: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $77 million

After a string of fantastic film choices, Leonardo DiCaprio has gone from strength to strength. After cashing in on blockbusters such as Inception, Shutter Island and J. Edgar, in the future, expect to see him starring in big movies such as “The Great Gatsby” and “Creed of Violence”. In April 2012 he also has his original blockbuster Titanic being rereleased, to honour 100 years since the sinking.

2) Johnny Depp: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $50 million

This hugely famous actor (and heart-throb) is another actor who has proved making wise career choices pays off. After raking in the money for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango, The Tourist and Alice in Wonderland – you can expect far more from this actor in coming months. He’s set to pair up with his favourite director again this year in Dark Shadows, playing the part of Barnabas Collins – which should be a huge hit in the box office.

3) Adam Sandler: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $40 million

Hollyood’s comic genius, this guy really raked in the money last year. With films such as “Just go with it” making a box-office fortune (although panned by critics) this guys can’t really do any wrong. He has two films in the pipeline for 2012, so keep an eye out.

4) Will Smith: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $36 million

Will Smith has been concentrating on producing during the last few years but his acting roles still draw in big money and big success at the box office. Also keep an eye out for his come-back in the new Men in Black film this year – which is set to be a massive hit.

5) Tom Hanks: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $35 million

Tom is one of Hollywood’s finest actors – with some of cinema’s most classic movies on his CV. His big earner this past year was voicing Woody in Toy Story but he’s also set to star in a rom-com with Sandra Bullock soon too.

6) Ben Stiller: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $34 million

Another one of Hollywood’s big comedic stars, Ben Stiller has managed to get into the highest earning list this year. He even has some great franchises such as Night at the Museum and Meet the Parents under his belt – which he’s still making money through. His newest film Tower Heist is also set to make him a lot.

7) Robert Downey Jr: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $31 million

Thanks to the great success of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes – Robert Downey Jr is raking in the big bucks this year. He’s set to appear in The Avengers (released later this year) which is set to be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters. Expect to see him a little higher up this list next year.

8) Mark Wahlberg: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $28 million

Thanks to his acting and producing skills, Wahlberg has set himself firmly in this list. Most of Wahlberg’s money has come from producing though as he is the man responsible for the hit show: Entourage. With Entourage being set to hit the big screens in 2012 as a movie – we can expect Wahlberg to move up the list in the future.

9) Tim Allen: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $22 million

Like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen has raked in more than usual this year because of his vocal role in Toy Story (which was a huge box office success).

10) Tom Cruise: July 2010 to July 2011 Earnings: $22 million

Another high-earning Tom on the list! Tom Cruise doesn’t get around as much as he used to in the movie world but he is still making millions and much more than your average Hollywood actor. His hefty pay check this year is thanks to his new Mission Impossible film – which has done great and been praised by critics and audiences alike.

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