How To Sell Your Kids Old Stuff

kids-222x300I will start this out by being completely blunt; it is really hard to sell your old kids stuff. Most of the stuff I had accumulated had come from well-wishers who had basically given all their boys stuff to us anyway. I started selling a few months back. I think I determined a pretty good way to get rid of the most stuff, although not full proof. Here is where to start to make the most off those kid’s clothes you don’t need anymore.

First: Once Upon a Child- I packed up two boxes of clothes and sent my husband up the street to the nearest Once Upon a Child expecting him to come back with $100 and that’s it. He returned with two boxes of clothes and $19. They were brutal. They didn’t take Ralph Lauren shirts, they refused overall’s unless they have a matching shirt and also don’t do “seasonal items”; i.e. the in perfect shape flannel Santa PJ’s, like That being said, this store gave us the most for our items, hands down.

**I would also point out it probably depends on who ends up going through your stuff at the store, different employees may end up being a little more lenient. You can always go back at a different time and try again.**

Second: ThredUp- This was a huge disappointment as well. They are very discerning. ThredUp will send you a bag (for free) to fill with your kids and women’s items. They only take certain brands, you have to check their website for what they will take. They do not take Carter’s or The Children’s Place which is at least half of all children’s stuff anyway; also they don’t take sizes under 12 months. If you want what they don’t accept back, you have to pay $12.99, which may be about what you are getting anyway, so I would say don’t bother with paying that extra fee. I sent a huge bag of only big brand name kids’ items (Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, Tea Collection), as well as two brand new, tag-on cocktail dresses (one was $158!) and got back $23 for the whole thing. Don’t be expecting millions here.

Third: Ebay- this can be tough. You are never going to be able to sell one pair of kid’s pants or one shirt, maybe a nice outfit. I had some success selling things as a bundle- i.e. a three pack of 18-month pants and 3 pairs of toddler pajamas. You can’t ask for a lot and people aren’t going to be inclined to buy something that costs as much as the shipping. Offering free shipping can help things sell a little better/faster., although shipping may be more than what someone is willing to buy it for!

Fourth: Craigslist- When all else fails try craigslist.   Gather up all those items that you weren’t able to get rid of at the other places, catalog what you have- i.e. 3 pairs of 2T pants, 3 pairs of 2T pajamas and put it all in a box. Sell the box for a set price on craigslist. So maybe $10 for whatever you have, as-is.

When all is said and done you may have some extra money to spend on a nice dinner or two out. Definitely takes a little effort though!

Here are a few other ideas of ways to sell as well, that I have yet to try.

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