How To Handle Writers Bloc

Go the Old Route:

When you are going through a writer’s block, you may decide to put off your computer and switch to the old writing style of pen and paper.

Writing with pen and paper gives a different feel and inspiration to using a computer.

So you may decide to go the old way of writing with a pen and a paper, thereafter you type, edit and revise it.


Get Inspired:

Many a times, you may not know what to write or you may just lack the motivation to write. There are certain ways to overcome this type of writer’s block.

  • You can decide to see some movies on your laptop or listen to music or do something that is very creative.

Doing something creative can activate your creative writing skill quickly.

  • You may also decide to take a nap. This can help clear your head and prepare you for writing.
  • You can also go for a walk to clear your head. With a clear head you can think creatively.


Develop a writing routine:

You may decide to develop a writing routine also known as ritual.

This routine when done can help you activate your writing skill anytime you wish to write and switch off every other things than can serve as distraction.

You can make your routine to be interesting and engaging at all times but it shouldn’t be too tasking. If it becomes too tasking, you might find it difficult to do it faithfully.


In conclusion,

Whenever you are going through the feel of a writer’s block, don’t get discouraged or worried.

It’s only a phase. And you can always push yourself through it and get that writing done without stress.

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